Prairie State College Speech

Here below is the speech our founder gave at Prairie State College after being invited out to speak for Women’s Appreciation Month. We hope this encourage you in some way. Enjoy!

Giving people HOPE is the message of strength but the question of today is.. What does strength look like?

I would like you to take time to listen very closely to these particular issues that I am about say that are by far examples of strength & use your imagination to walk in the characters shoes very briefly.

Strength looks like a little girl in Africa in need of food, yet everyday manages to wake up in hope of finding it for herself & her family in far away villages, A Vietnamese women who has the beliefs of a Christian but in all fact knowing persecution & death shall be her end, still in fact continues on to go daily profess the word of God to people. An Assyrian mother watching her family die from an war evasion because she is pent down by officers of the enemies line & then lastly……YOU! sitting here listening to advise, stories from others, & me just in hopes of hearing something in the next couple of minutes that will ultimately change your lives for the better but I have only come to challenge you to believe this……

*You Are What Strength Looks Like!!! Always remember that, nothing is stronger then you not a single problem of your is. Our whole life here on earth is a state of childhood, & we are forever learning our strengths but it is motivated from our trails. Be Strong & Press On!


What’s It To You?

Today was a Success I completed a task I thought I could never finish. I had to tell my self that “If you work smart & not hard it will pay off! Now I know you may wonder “How is that being successful????” You know I use to think? If I miss days of sleep, become out of breath & start sweating after I completed a task was considered me doing some WORK but see that not true at all! There is an old saying that says “Work Smart Not Hard!” and I agree because working hard only proves your strength but working smart “to me” proves your wisdom! Take into consideration that everyone has their own outlook on what success is to themselves and in return simply “RESPECT THAT”. Try not to be bitter at what others do if they chose not to take your advice about their work ethics or method but trust that which is truth will always prevail & win. I end with saying this….. One thing we should all strive to is “To be better than we were YESTERDAY!” enjoy what you do & be successful and prosperous at it!

Your Not Alone!

Written by Tamarra Williams

(Feb 25, 2013) God told me 2 years ago audibly that I WAS ABOUT TO GO THROUGH & to me that can means soo many things but that is just like our God to speak IN DEPTHS to us! well after he stated that everything that could happen did & I thought I was alone through it all but honestly I tell you that it has NOT been lonely in the least bit. I thought in this faith walk I would have to hide my trials, tribulation, & sufferings from everyone because I was embarrassed to look WEAK, to show others that my life is jacked up & I need God like never before but God starting to change my outlook on those things & placed people around me to allow me to SEE the same process; it was almost like looking in a surgery window with someone diagnose with the same issue I had & seeing them tell me encouraging words about the process that I was about to take & what a relief it will be after God was done with me.

So going through uncharted territory in your life is something you can not explain, it takes a discipline to be able to produce a new character, gratitude, humility & CHANGE in any new area you have never experience with the Lord. In this new area of your life you would try to say to yourself “I got this, I will do what I did in my last situation, or tell yourself to use the same advice from last time around and “boy I tell you that is not it at all. God says in his word from GLORY 2 GLORY so that means there are levels, heights in him that you must graduate to & today Feb 25, 2013 A beautiful Women of God that has encouraged me with this beautiful message & as I share with you. TAKE IT IN YOUR HEART & LET IT ENCOURAGE YOU AS WELL AS WE TAKE THIS FAITH WALK TOGETHER:

From NaQwanda Tempestt……He is definitely maturing me and that is just it, I stopped trying to handle it and just sat back and said okay Daddy, do Your thing and I apologize in advance if I’m not thankful and that is what has carried me. Things still aren’t coming together as quickly as I would like but He’s taken this season to renew my vision and stretch my dream. This has been the hardest season (last 5yrs) for me because it HURT but looking back I see my progress. I just kept giving and sowing and loving and blessing and just believed that in due season He would give it ALL back and I told myself that even if He didn’t, my response would still be worship.

I even stopped blaming church and the saints for my stagnation and I took responsibility for my own salvation and babyyyyy once I started walking in MY truth … freedom, do you hear me? So it may not evennnnn be an issue of patience, it might just be the fact that He wants to spend some quality time with His daughter (you) and wants to know that you’ll still love Him even if He doesn’t come through because the fact of the matter is, He has to come through for you because He promised you and He cannot lie nor can He fail.

So everyday you wake up be encouraged because that means your job isn’t done. And use this time to volunteer and pour back into someone who poured back into you. He gave me a new little sister in this season who was homeless with nowhere to go but He’s used her to pour back into me and I’m literally experiencing a miracle watching Him manifest Himself in her life. So stay in your word and enjoy where you are because you’re on your way.

Rejoice in every moment. Yeah it’s hard out here but what will your response be?? BLESS THE LORD! Learned the hard way that we can’t get caught up in our situation or a loved one’s struggle, got to keep our eyes to the hills and it isn’t easy but also got to keep our mind stayed on Him and just watch how He blesses you. Not the way you expect but in a way you didn’t even know you needed Bask in His love for you. His glory. His beauty that is yrs. life. It doesn’t feel good but its still perfect because He designed it. He knows where you are and He even knows why you’re here so let that be your consolation.

“Your Not Alone She Witness to us Col 3:16”

(Colossians 3:16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.)

Single & Filled With Love

You not currently being in a relationship has nothing to do with what you can & have to offer to someone! being single is You deciding to make better decisions & deciding to use your head & not your heart until your heart is captured from a man or woman with real intention, & not anyone who will not pay you any attention!!! LOVE is not being with someone. It is what you learn to offer and when it is misused you simply choose to not have your LOVE mistreated & misused by someone who is not ready to handle it with care!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

Dream Past Your Nightmares!

It was hard taking in this slogan that I’m about to explain in a moment but I eventually grew to love it & it gave me some better outlook on life & futhermore it had kept me motivated in the end:

“Embrace that “some” people can really care less about what you’re doing in your life & what success comes your way. Only until success comes your way people tend to care what you doing with your life!”

When people in your life only respond positively wheb your successful & can care less when your not; is a sign to change social circles.  You just dont have time for dwelling on that, when your just trying bring your dream to reality. You have to just KEEP GOING & WORK HARD & BE YOUR BEST SUPPORTER, even when no one around seem like they don’t want to help, encourage, support, or be apart of whatever you’re doing; Keep Dreaming & Believing!!  One thing about dreams is;  if you really want it, then it can come true “cliche right?” NO, NOT AT ALL! See,

 Dreams are places where anything & everything happen for you & if you want it to happen then it can happen & come true. I mean, just think about this; out of all the people in the world, you’re the one that end up having this idea, this energy & excitement to bring this vision to LIFE!

So try not to get discourage when thing do not start working out they way you imagine because remember your taking a BIG DREAM & placing it in this BIG WORLD. Yes, trail & error will occur but view it only as a nightmare to your dream and then wake up & know that the reality of your dream is still within you screaming to get out!   “KEEP GOING, KEEP PRESSING, WORK HARD, & STAY BELIEVING FOR IT!